About Us

Development & Production

Polymerwerkstatt is an independent, owner-managed production and development company. We combine creative material combinations, forward-thinking industrial innovations and a cost-optimised selection of raw materials to develop sophisticated cross-sector material solutions.

Analysis & Consulting

An exhaustive analysis and consultation procedure forms the basis for the development and cost-effective realisation of our custom-tailored polymer solutions. We see our role as that of a competent and professional customer partner. Both our material selection procedure and the material solutions themselves guarantee our customers the highest possible standards of quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Solutions & Technologies

Innovative and individualised solutions are our hallmark. National and international collaboration with a range of universities and research institutions affords us access to a virtually inexhaustible bank of knowledge and data. For us, keeping abreast of leading-edge scientific and technological developments is the key to providing optimal levels of customer service. It allows us to guarantee the fast, effective and cost-optimised realisation of even your most demanding and sophisticated projects.


Our application technology, service and custom-tailored products are available worldwide.