Superior plastics, quality tested and manufactured in Austria


Polymerwerkstatt produces custom-tailored plastic materials. Our specialist personnel possess superior training in the handling of machines and materials and are kept up-to-date with leading-edge technological developments. Quality awareness and in-depth knowledge regarding the characteristics of different plastics are two core values that govern the way we operate.

Precise Processing

Fibres, powders, granules or liquids can be incorporated into thermoplastic polymers with high accuracy at temperatures of up to 400°C. Both procedural and material specifics are borne in mind during processing. We strive for perfection and place special consideration on the individual properties of different plastics as we work.

Quality tested

We specialise in producing custom-tailored materials for polymer processing:

  • Our technicians test all the raw materials delivered to us
  • The production team carry out regular checks and maintenance on our machines with experts from the manufacturers
  • The production staff record process parameters during processing
  • The quality control department tests every production batch
  • The production team ensures batch-specific traceability for each and every raw material used
  • Each delivery is accompanied by a test certificate

Our quality control checks – to which each individual batch is subject to dispatch – form an important part of the Polymerwerkstatt approach. We draw on the expertise of independent institutions for our analyses and material tests and commission them to carry out these checks on our behalf. This enables us to guarantee a prompt and thorough inspection of materials produced and to provide our customers with an assurance that every production batch meets the highest possible standards of quality.

Reliable Delivery

We strive to function as a dependable partner and to provide our customers with the highest possible quality of thermoplastic polymer solutions. Accordingly, we place great value on supply security and on strict adherence to stated delivery dates.

Batches ranging in size from 25 kg all the way up to full truckloads can be arranged with minimal amounts of preparation time.